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Paul Mitchell Texture


A New Twist on Texture

Create. Enhance. Transform. Whether you’re creating curl or smoothing hair into silk, Paul Mitchell® Texture offers a gentle, reliable option for every client.  Achieve silky, smooth and manageable hair with The Relaxer™. Or add body and bounce to lifeless locks with Permanent Waves. The innovative formulas are gentle on hair and a cinch to apply, making the tendrils of your clients’ dreams a beautiful reality.

The Relaxer



Paul Mitchell® The Relaxer™ offers an innovative advanced Sodium Hydroxide System in three strengths that effectively relaxes natural waves or curls in all hair types and textures with reduced reversion. Rapid penetration helps shorten processing time and reduces damage.

The smooth, creamy conditioning base allows for easy, controlled application and rinses thoroughly.
The Relaxer® has a clean, fresh fragrance that provides a pleasant texture service with a beautiful,
conditioned end result.

Key Benefits:

Advanced Sodium Hydroxide System - Innovative formula reduces damage, allows for quicker penetration, and greatly reduces reversion.
Smooth, Creamy Conditioning Base - Rich cream base is easy to apply and rinse with beautiful conditioned results and a clean, fresh fragrance.
Mild, Regular and Super formulas - Three strengths to address all hair types and textures and achieve just the right amount of curl reduction.

Ask the expert!
Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell®, Stephanie Kocielski says: “In today’s global world, texture is big business. Paul Mitchell offers not only the most state-of-the-art product in three different strengths, but also the best education. With The Relaxer, and The Texture System DVD, you can become a texture expert and dramatically increase service revenue.”

Recommended usage for each strength:

Mild Strength formula:
for fine, limp hair - 10 to 12 minutes
for medium and textured, non-resistant hair - 13 to 18 minutes

Regular Strength formula:
for medium and textured hair - 10 to 12 minutes
for medium and textured, resistant hair - 13 to 18 minutes

Super Strength formula:
for medium and textured hair - 7 to 10 minutes
for coarse and textured, resistant hair - 10 to 12 minutes

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