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Awapuhi Shampoo


‘Super rich wash’


For a taste of true luxury, indulge yourself with Awapuhi® Shampoo from Paul Mitchell®. The tropical and wonderfully conditioning ingredient of Awapuhi, (Hawaiian ginger), is sure to give you something to smile about! Special conditioning agents help improve surface texture of the hair shaft and provide added volume, whilst Awapuhi helps balance moisture helping to prevent dryness. Now with extra lather, a shower experience with Awapuhi® Shampoo is more sumptuous than ever. So if you love that super clean feeling, and crave body and shine, Awapuhi® Shampoo, with its wonderful crisp fragrance and amazing deep cleansing results could be your perfect match.

Key Benefits:

Leaves hair clean and fresh - A balanced blend of surfactants help provide rich lather and thorough cleansing
Helps prevent moisture loss - Our Activated Moisture blend of Awapuhi helps balance moisture and prevent dryness
Provides body and fullness - Special conditioning agents help improve surface texture and provide added volume

Tips and Tricks: Awapuhi® Shampoo is a luscious and luxurious all over body wash and bubble bath.

Directions: Apply a small amount to wet hair and massage into hair and scalp. Rinse completely.



Shampoo Three



‘Removes chlorine and impurities’


Every now and again you need to treat your tresses to a deep cleanse. Shampoo Three® from Paul Mitchell® is the perfect solution to remove product build up and everyday dulling residues, helping to increase the inner strength of your hair. Suitable for daily use except on colour treated hair.

Key Benefits:

Deep internal cleanser - Helps remove Chlorine, Iron, minerals and medication. Use before all deep conditioning treatments to enhance penetration and performance
Strengthens - Helps increase inner strength
Excellent for swimmers - Use after swimming to help prevent “chlorine green” caused by chlorine and mineral traces which can get trapped in the hair’s cortex whilst swimming - making Shampoo Three® your favourite gym buddy

Professional Tips Especially effective when used before any deep conditioning treatment as it helps open up the cuticle to allow the treatment to penetrate deep within, enhancing the performance of the conditioner.

Directions: Apply a small amount to wet hair and massage into hair and scalp. Rinse completely.



Shampoo One



‘Gentle wash’


For gentle cleansing on delicate hair, use Shampoo One® from Paul Mitchell®. Shampoo One® is formulated from the finest ingredients to help achieve deep shine and beautifully manageable hair. A creamy coconut fragrance is blended with wonderful ingredients creating a tropical, colour safe cleanser for all hair types.

Key Benefits:

Mild colour safe formula - A mild combination of surfactants help to produce a rich lather and protect colour
Enhances shine - Our Activated Shine blend of Aloe, Jojoba, Henna, and Rosemary helps add deep shine
Improves manageability - Panthenol and Wheat derived conditioners improve the surface and texture of the hair and add shine.

Directions: Apply a small amount to wet hair and massage into hair and scalp. Rinse completely.



The Conditioner


‘Leave-in moisturizer’


Do you crave a little more from your conditioner? Paul Mitchell® classic, The Conditioner is an excellent leave-in conditioner that helps to nourish and protect your hair from the wear and tear of daily styling. Whatever your style, The Conditioner is a must for your bathroom, helping to moisturize, define, soften and smooth.


Key Benefits:

Balances moisture - Moisturizing conditioners and our Activated Moisture blend help balance moisture and prevent dryness
Improves texture - Wheat derived conditioners help to smooth the surface of hair and reduce static
Excellent for hair and skin - This unique water based formula is excellent for both skin and hair

Professional tips: Containing the Activated Moisturizing and Shine blends, The Conditioner makes a brilliant shaving companion and moisturiser for your skin.

Directions: After cleansing, gently towel-dry hair. Put a pearl-size amount to palms of hands (more for longer hair). Rub hands together briefly and apply evenly throughout the hair. DO NOT RINSE.




Seal and Shine



‘Thermal Protection and Condition’


 A leave-in spray from Paul Mitchell®, Seal and Shine® helps form a protective barrier against the damage caused by heated appliances. This product will not only help protect your hair but also leave it with enviable shine, whilst feeling soft and supple.

Key Benefits:

Thermal protection - Helps prevent damage caused by heat styling
Adds shine - Essential fatty acids and conditioners provide added shine
Prevents moisture loss - Thermal protection and our Activated Moisture blend help balance moisture and prevent dryness

Directions: Suitable for use on towel-dried hair. Protect clothing prior to application. Spray close to the scalp and comb evenly throughout the hair and style as desired.



Shampoo Two



‘Deep Cleansing’


Styling products, daily build-up and environmental pollutants can cling to the hair. Paul Mitchell® Shampoo Two® has a special blend of ingredients to help clarify hair by helping to remove residual oil and product from the cuticle layer. With its zesty lemon fragrance and deep cleansing properties, Shampoo Two® will leave your hair feeling squeaky clean and gleaming with natural shine. Shampoo Two® is great for oily hair and scalp. Contains the activated Moisturising and Shine blends of Hawaiian Awapuhi, Chamomile, Henna, Rosemary, Aloe Vera and Jojoba, so it won’t dry out the hair. This is a great shampoo for adding volume and body to fine hair, and helping all hair types feel super clean and fresh.

Key Benefits:

Removes dulling build-up - Helps to thoroughly cleanse styling and finishing products from the surface of hair
Helps add body, fullness and shine - Formulated with wheat derived conditioners and our Activated Shine blend
Leaves hair super clean and fresh - Deep cleansing for oily hair with a fresh lemon fragrance

Directions: Apply a small amount to wet hair and massage into hair and scalp. Rinse completely.



The Detangler


 Super rich conditioner’


The Detangler® is a moisturizing conditioner formulated with Beta Carotene, a natural sunscreen, to help protect your hair from year-round, harmful UV rays. Enriched with grape seed extract for fast detangling, The Detangler® helps leave your hair feeling smooth, soft and static free.


Key Benefits:

Instant detangling and conditioning - Grape Seed Oil helps provide instant conditioning, detangling and shine
Smoothes and softens - Special conditioning agents and our Activated Moisture blend help smooth, soften and prevent moisture loss
UV protection - Carrot extract is a naturally rich in beta-carotene, a natural UV absorber

Directions: After cleansing with a recommended Paul Mitchell® shampoo, put a pearl-size amount in palms of hands (more for longer hair). Rub hands together briefly and apply evenly throughout the hair. Rinse thoroughly.



Lite Detangler



‘Lightweight detangling spray’ 


Lite Detangler® from Paul Mitchell® is a gentle, lightweight leave-in conditioner to help add body and shine, for fine to medium hair. Ideal for detangling childrens’ “morning” hair, this light conditioning spray can be applied to wet or dry hair.

Key Benefits:

Detangling - The mild leave-in formula aids in both wet and dry combing
Enhances body and shine - Lightweight conditioners help leave hair full of volume with added shine
Fragrance free - Excellent for those sensitive to fragrance

Directions: After shampooing with the recommended Paul Mitchell® shampoo, gently towel-dry hair. Protect clothing prior to application, then spray liberally throughout hair and gently comb through to detangle. DO NOT RINSE.



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