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Semi-permanent Hair Color


Spark your creativity and add a punch of brilliant color to any canvas with 11 intermixable colors from INKWORKS®. A gentle formula of pure vibrant pigments and a vegetable base delivers exceptional shine and healthy, conditioned results.



Key Benefits

Fun and Fashion

Semi-permanent hair color designed with direct, intense pigments in a vegetable conditioning base

Subtle Glow or Vivid Vibrant

For use on natural, color-treated or pre-lightened hair; use on darker shades or dilute with Clear INKWORKS to subdue, or pre-lighten and use straight for more intense color results

Available in Yellow, Red, Neon-Red, Orange, Neon-Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Black and Clear



Features You’ll Love

• Vivid color lasts up to three weeks
• Gentle formula and conditioning base moisturize and add shine
• Eleven intermixable colors



Frequently Asked Questions


Who is INKWORKS ideal for?
Anyone! With INKWORKS you can achieve:
• Vibrant pure tones on hair that has been pre-lightened; you control the intensity of the tone based on how much you pre-lighten, from pale yellow to slightly "cracking" the underlying natural pigment.
• An “aura” of color overlay on natural hair.
• Added depth and tonal intensity for freshly tinted hair.
• A shiny gloss by using INKWORKS Clear to dilute any color, alone to add a clear gloss for intense shine, or to help seal in fresh color for longer-lasting results.


How does INKWORKS work?
INKWORKS sits primarily on the outside of the hair shaft; the greater the porosity and the lighter the base color, the more intense the end result. Conditioning proteins, especially in an acid base, have an affinity for the hair fiber, making INKWORKS a long-lasting, shiny temporary color.


How can my clients take care of INKed hair?
• Recommend that clients wait 48 hours before they shampoo to give INKWORKS time to set.
• Recommend the Paul Mitchell Color Care Category to gently cleanse and condition while also preserving color vibrancy.


How do I remove INKWORKS from pre-lightened hair?
• Apply a mixture of Paul Mitchell® Dual-Purpose Lightener and 5 or 10 volume Cream Developer to colored areas.
• Process until desired result is achieved. 
How do I remove INKWORKS from non-porous hair?
• Apply a mixture of Shampoo Two® and baking soda to hair. Rinse thoroughly and repeat until desired result is achieved.

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