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Synergy Design


Dedicated to the best among top stylists, the Synergy Design is an artistic highlight, not only when it comes to design, but also in terms of technology. Fully integrated cutting edges and blades made of MicroCarbide steel give the Synergy Design outstanding sharpness that it retains for the long term. Equipped with a rotating finger ring insert (pat.) and the new, flat, closed VARIO-PLUS (pat.) screw, the new Synergy Design offers a range of features that add up to the magic of perfection. An ergonomically designed precision tool for the most demanding uses

Art. No. 971525  5.25" / 13.5cm
Art. No. 971575  5.75" / 15.0cm
Art. No. 971600  6" / 15.5cm

Evolution Flex



Curved blade out of MicroCarbide-steel. With movebale thumb ring (pat., screw, adjustable to your personal feeling). Inclusive high-quality case. Two- year free maintenance service.



Art. No. 93525  5.25" / 13.5cm
Art. No. 93575  5.75" / 15.0cm


Euro-Tech Design



The Euro Tech Design combines advanced technology with attractive graphics. Ergonomic design, fully integrated cutting edges, and blades made of MicroCarbide steel for outstandingly long-lasting sharpness guarantee the sophisticated stylist perfect slice cutting and relaxed working. Finely etched fantastic designs lend the Euro Tech Design its own special note.


Art. No. 97525-1  5.25" / 13.5cm
Art. No. 97575-1  5.75" / 15.0cm




 Permanent sharpness thanks to MicroCarbide steel. Extreme wear resistance and high CER (Cutting Edge Retention).Curved blade, ergonomically designed with movable thumb ring (pat.). 2 years free maintenance service.


Art. No. 94525  5.25" / 13.5cm
Art. No. 94575  5.75" / 15.0cm
Art. No. 94600  6" / 15.5cm





Permanent sharpness thanks to MicroCarbide steel. Extreme wear resistance and high CER (Cutting Edge Retention). 2 years free maintenance service.


Art. No. 97525  5.25" / 13.5cm
Art. No. 97575  5.75" / 15.0cm




Superior metalwork meets perfect ergonomics.

Additionally angled finger rings ensure optimum ergonomic finger positioning.

Angled thumb ring for a very relaxed working posture, without pressure marks.

Art. No. 941525 5.25" / 13.5cm

Art. No. 941575 5.75" / 15.0cm

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