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Nutrilux Full Cover

Nutrilux Full Cover, the natural meeting between high power handling and high coverage performances.
Nutrilux Full Cover is the Nutrilux range with excellent coverage created to meet the demands of an ever more demanding and growing kind of customer, which requires ammonia-free products with coverage performances similar to those of a permanent hair color.
Nutrilux Full cover has a performance of excellent color and bleaching without the use of ammonia through an innovative technology: Oil Synergy which exploits the properties and benefits of the oil. Color and emulsion work in an exclusive synergy, in fact it is precisely by the mixture between the color and the emulsion that you get a high concentration of oils that remain deposited in the hair surface, facilitating the dissemination of the pigments inside ensuring a high-performance color and a natural result.
Nutrilux Full Cover is

  • 100% coverage
  • up to 3 bleaching tones
  • ammonia-free
  • Innovative technology in oil for maximum results
  • perfect harmony of color
  • pleasant smell and sweet
Nutrilux Intercosmo Macadamia Oil

Ammonia-free permanent color that provides a natural and intense color, 100% coverage, thanks to the oil technology "Oil synergy", and a level of lightening up to 3 tones.

How to use:

  • 30min (20-25min to the base + 5-10min of lengths / tips) for normal regrowth.
  • 40min (30-35min to the base + 5-10min of lengths / tips) to high% of white hair /resistant.
  • 50-55min (20-25 min of lengths / tips + 30min at base) for the first staining natural hair.

Mix Ratio: 1 +2 (ex. Cream 50ml +100 ml of emulsion)

50 ml tube


Nutrilux Emulsione

This natural Emulsion for hair, made from non-vegetable oils is creamy, fragrant and highly specific, in fact only by mixing the cream Full Cover with its emulsion is possible to quickly obtain a soft, pleasant , creamy and easy to apply mixture, which wrapping the hair will create a unique and distinctive color, covering 100%.
The emulsions are available in 3 sizes:

  • 10vol. up to 1 lightening tone
  • 25vol. up to 2t lightening tones
  • 35vol. up to 3 bleaching tones

600 ml top down bottle


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