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Nutrilux is a new generation of color designed to meet the demands of a growing target consumers who want a natural-color effect but without compromising the effectiveness of the staining.
Nutrilux finds its expression in three fundamental principles that result in the performance of the color, in the naturalness of the result of the treatment and finally in the sophistication of the color reflections.
The formula Nutrilux is highly powerful and reaches the highest levels of coverage without containing ammonia and paraphenylenediamine.
Furthermore, the presence of precious oils such as Macadamia oil, the Cyperus Oil and the Rosehip Oil, some conditioning of natural origin, and Bisabolol give the
formulation soothing, nourishing and enlightening properties, providing an excellent cosmetic result.
The luxury of having many advantages depending on the type of hair:

  • Cover up to 100%
  • Light weight, hydration, cosmetics
  • Natural color result
  • Full, intense and sophisticated reflections
Nutrilux Intercosmo Macadamia Oil

Sweet coloring ammonia-free , creamy and highly cosmetic that through the use of small size intermediate colorants, which easily penetrates into the hair, develops an intense action of natural hue color.

Natural , colored and slightly porous hair.

  • Apply to dry, unwashed hair (exposure time: 20 minutes). In case of high percentage of white hair increase of 10 minutes
  • Retouch roots: apply in the root (from 15 to 20 minutes). Reviving lengths and ends by emulsifying the product previously applied to the root and leave on for a further 3/5 minutes. Very sensitized hair and porous:
  • Apply to wet hair (from 10 to twenty minutes).
  • Check the evolution of color until the end of the application.

Nutrilux and ripple: apply to damp hair and leave on for 5/15 minutes.

60 ml tube, conf. 6 pcs


Nutrilux Emulsione

The color range Nutrilux is designed to develop the best results by working in harmony with three different emulsions Nutrilux. Nutrilux professional emulsions allow to obtain a natural color respecting all kinds of hair.
Each emulsion has been developed for three different targets:

Colour tone on tone without bleaching power. To tone very porous hair. Light cover over 50%.

    To cover gray hair, for lightening up to 1 tone. Coverage up to 100%.
  • NUTRI 2 - UPPER:
    To lighten up to 2 tones.
    This strength allows you to achieve a high quality of coverage even on dark bases with a high percentage of white hair. Coverage up to 100% depending on the type of hair.

Bottle 900 ml pack. 6 pcs


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