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Elixir 79

The secret of a precious formula.


A product line of treatment based on Argan Oil that combines all together the High Performance Cosmetics, Splendor, Nourishment, Brilliance, Brightness and extreme Softness, the maximum involvement of the final consumer, sensory, visual and emotional.

An exclusive range that evokes luxury and preciousness mixed to the naturalness of the basic ingredients of the ancient tradition cosmetic, Argan oil, Sweet Cyperus Oil and Flax Seed Oil.

A line of treatment with an extraordinary and distinctive formula, silky and velvety texture and a magnetic fragrance, turned into a mysterious and ancient Elixir of Beauty and Sensuality


Elixir 79 Shampoo

Nourishing and super illuminating  shampoo with flaxseed oil, intense fragrance that gently cleanses and nourishes the hair.


Ideal for color-treated and damaged hair. Its formula is based on mixtures used by Moroccan women to cleanse its parched and damaged hair by the sun and wind loaded of sand from the desert. Rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6 essential fat acids and phytosterols, with anti-aging properties and antioxidants, it contrasts the opacity of the hair and leaves it nourished, soft and
shiny as GOLD.

Consumer Price:    250ml  €  9.99


Elixir 79 Mask

Rich illuminating pack that penetrates deep into the hair, giving it elasticity and nourishment to the hair fiber.


This brilliance effect mask returns strength while repairing damage caused by chemicals elements and environmental stress thanks to the valuable and rich nutrients that are in the formula. Ideal for brittle, thin and damaged hair. This seductive creamy pearly texture is rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6 essential fat acids and phytosterols, with anti-aging properties and antioxidants. It gives an instant effect of Strength, Lightness, Brightness, Softness, Splendor, all what is good for the hair fiber that leaves the hair elastic and thick as cotton flowers.


Consumer Price:    250ml  € 16.99



Elixir 79 Conditioner

Light conditioner with a delicate moisturizing formula that restructures the hair helping to re-establish hydration and repair dull and damaged hair.

Thanks to its velvety texture, light and fast to absorb, inspired by the beauty secrets of the "hair like silk" from oriental women, the soothing conditioner encases the hair with a protective film that instantly makes your hair untangled.

Rich in fatty acids known for their compacting properties, elasticity, and anti-aging, it leaves the hair nourished, extremely easy to comb and soft as silk.


Consumer Price:    200ml  € 12.99



Elixir 79 Beauty Potion

 Argan Oil -based conditioning Potion, to highlight the shine and softness of hair.

  • The potion of beauty and sensuality for smooth and silky texture hair and magnetic fragrance.
  • It gives extreme brightness, smoothness, incredible softness, easier to comb and nourishment


How to use:

  • Pour the oil on your hands and apply liberally on towel-dried hair, adjusting the quantity according to the type, length and thickness of the hair.
  • Also use on dry hair without rinsing, for a disciplining effect and instant shine.


Consumer Price:    100ml  € 19.99



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