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Conditioning Care

             Five Conditioners

  • 1 Rinse  
  • 4 Sprays

             Common features and benefits that all our conditioners have:

  • Conditioning agents enhance shine and manageability of the coat
  • They also detangle and provide silkiness to matted, dry hair
  • Replenishing the moisture and condition to the fur helps protect against snapping and frizz


Instant Detangling Spray
             NO-RINSE GROOMING AID (spray evenly)
  • For dogs and cats with tangled and thicker coats
  • Especially formulated to penetrate into the coat, providing slip to release and detangle unruly snarls for easy grooming on dry or damp coats
  • Can be used in between grooming visits





Tea Tree Conditioning Spray


  • For dogs and cats with dry, dull coats
  • Leave-in conditioner formulated to cool and soothe pets' skin whilst adding shine and moisture
  • Excellent for use in-between grooming visits







Oatmeal Conditioning Spray
             Leave-in Spray
  • Leave-in conditioner formulated to revitalize your dog’s skin and coat while replenishing moisture to the skin, also adds luster and shine to any coat
  • This easy to use spray gets right to the spot, where you need it most and zaps through the tangles in a snap
  • Excellent to use for in-between baths or grooming visits






Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse
  • For dogs and cats. Conditions dry or longer coats to help reduce mats and tangles. Use with all wet shampoos
  • Nourishes coats and skin
  • Improves manageability whilst restoring silky feel to the coat
  • Highly concentrated for extra value





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